in constant process of refining and in search of novelty
Company’s project group is made up of highly qualified employees, who are Attendees of foreign exhibitions, conferences and seminars for increasing their qualification. They are in constant process of refining. Project team makes design for 6-10-35kw transmission lines, substations and 0.4kw cells. The first stage of projection is to survey the area where the project is to be done and also to study the existed situation. After that company carries out the planning in compliance with all electric rules. In this sphere, it is important to customers as well as to the performer to follow electrical power rules and regulations because minor details of the vulnerability of the rules can lead to an irreversible error. Process of Projecting is transparent and customer has possibility of attending the process. Company’s projects are successfully compatible with “Energo-pro Georgia”, “Georgian State Electric System” “Telasi” and “Energo Distribution Kakheti”. The project team is always open to meet colleagues and share experience and to provide online consultations to all comers as well.

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15 years experience in Georgian market